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    Ford,Lincoln,Mercury & Mazda 3.0L water pump service kit. Tool# 303-S455

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    Tool #303-S455 Ford/ Mazda 3.0 liter water pump service kit. This kit provides you with every thing you will need to service the water pump on Ford, Lincoln, Merc and Mazda 3.0 engines. Kit includes tools: - 303-009 - 303-457 - 303-456 - AM-211-185

    Major Applications:

    Make Model Year Range
    Ford3.0 liter engines2004 - 2012
    Lincoln3.0 liter engines2004 - 2012
    Mercury3.0 liter engines2004 - 2012
    Mazda3.0 liter engines2004 - 2012

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