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    Audi,VW V8 4.2l Camshaft Alignment Tool:Tool# T40047

    Price:  $49/week

    Tool # T40047 -This tool kit is for locking cams when checking valve timing. -Special design to install hall sender screen into crank adjuster when setting timing. App: A6L,A8L 4.2 engines Tool kit includes: T40047, T40046 and TDC pin. Call 1-877-218-1596 If you would like to buy this tool.

    Major Applications:

    Make Model Year Range
    AudiA8 V8 4.2l0 - 0
    AudiA6 V8 4.2l0 - 0
    AudiA42001 - 0
    AudiA61998 - 0
    AudiS42004 - 2009
    VWPhaeton2004 - 2006

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